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What is the Consumer i  panel all about?

Our panel is a group of highly involved consumers who complete online surveys as well as receive, use and feedback on a variety of products including: food, drink, household cleaning, skincare, toiletries and many more.  The feedback given helps retailers, manufacturers and suppliers to develop and improve their products.

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Join our Consumer i  panel today and you can be part of a community where voices are heard.

Be amongst the first to explore new ideas, try new products, and share your opinions.

It’s free and easy to join, plus once you do, you will receive 200 sign-up bonus points, just as a little welcome.

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Panellist Testimonials

“Very well run with products arriving as scheduled”

“Enjoyed the survey and will probably change where I buy my mince pies from now”

“I really enjoyed this survey and hope to do more soon Thank you”

“Very good – good range of products”

“It was fun and interesting”

“Very easy and straight forward”

“It has been very good, quick and easy. Bring on the next one!”

“I think this was a fantastic survey and a great opportunity to test out this years mince pie offerings.  I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to take part”

“I enjoyed it and it was very easy to follow”

“Interesting to see how product not always as good as you would expect for the supermarket it was made for”

“I was glad take part and all of the products sent will be used”

“I was surprised that the ones with the worst packaging turned out to be the better ones. I enjoyed the survey. It was a real eye-opener, especially tasting the different brands next to each other”

“This survey was really simple to use and easy to use. I like how you mixed up the order of the questions to keep me alert”

“The survey allowed me to say what i wanted to say”

“A great well organised survey”

“Interesting way to complete and enjoyed the opportunity to home test”

“Makes you realise you don’t always have to buy the most expensive product to get just as good a quality”