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Insider View JUN 2016

04 Jul Insider View: June 2016

.....with June’s UK launch of AmazonFresh threatening yet another shake up in Britain’s grocery sector. At the time of writing the results of the EU Referendum had just been announced, adding a surreal context to the febrile atmosphere in the UK grocery sector.  Change is in...

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Insider View MAY 2016

16 Jun Insider View: May 2016

.....while the market for healthy convenience food gathers pace, there is an increasing spotlight on the fresh produce aisle. In last month’s introduction we offered our view of the perils of conflicting dietary advice.  It’s an ongoing obsession rarely out of the media. In fact, those...

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Consumer i Premium_Burgers

31 May Consumer i – Premium Burgers

Consumer i: Premium Burgers Tasted and Rated by people like you Despite past concerns over health and sourcing, the British love affair with the burger shows no signs of fading, fuelled by the growth of chic gourmet burger outlets that have helped transform opinions of this simple...

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Insider View APR 2016

05 May Insider View: April 2016

........ educating the next generation is essential but too much intervention can be counterproductive. Supermarkets were under fire again this month, this time from a report published by the NFU[1]  investigating the fall in fruit and veg consumption. The report points the finger at retailers for...

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Insider View MAR 2016

21 Apr Insider View: March 2016

.........but poses some interesting challenges for retailers as they tread the delicate balance between maintaining quality & supply while minimising waste. Fresh produce is enjoying a quiet revolution; with increased overall spend as a result of greater purchase frequency and higher average shelf prices. The trend...

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