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Insider View DEC 2015

08 Jan Insider View: December 2015

.....Own label is tightening its grip, with the Discounter twins forcing all grocery retailers to review their strategy and up their game. Analysis of all products tested through Fast Foodfax in 2015 revealed the best ever year for own label, mirroring findings in this year’s 10th...

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Insider View NOV 2015V2

03 Dec Insider View: November 2015

... the regularity – and sometimes contradictory - reports in the media are leading many to ignore advice. Following the recent decision by the World Health Organisation to add processed meat to its list of carcinogenic foods, the Department of Heath now recommends cutting down on...

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Insider View OCT 2015

29 Oct Insider View: October 2015

….. but consumers are looking beyond organic provenance for other values that justify purchase and a higher price Sales of organic products increased by 4% in 2014 to £1.86 billion according to the Organic Trade Board[1] in a year when food prices fell by 1.9%,...

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Insider View SEPT 2015

01 Oct Insider View: September 2015

...but perhaps is less fun and somewhat selective in approach TV programmes like ‘It was alright in the 80’s and 90’s’ are a stunning reminder of how radically things have changed – how much more PC we are in our attitudes and almost puritanical in our approach on social and behavioural issues. Inevitably what we buy and eat reflects this.
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Fast Foodfax - Trends for 2015

25 Sep Factsheet 11: Fast Foodfax Trends

As one of the UK's leading marketing research agencies, Cambridge Market Research has been carrying out comprehensive tests on the latest products to hit supermarket shelves for over thirty years. As a result, we've amassed a database of over 20,000 evaluations as part of our Fast Foodfax service, and we're confident that we've tested every important new product introduced to the market since 1983.
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